BVS1000I-GR Schneider Electric EASY UPS BV1000VA, Schuko Outlet, 230V

BVS1000I-GR Schneider Electric EASY UPS BV1000VA, Schuko Outlet, 230V

Brand: Schneider

Power Capacity: 600W

Input Voltage : 230V

Output Voltage: 230V

Warranty : 2 Years

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Brand: SchneiderPower Capacity: 600WInput Voltage : 230VOutput Voltage: 230VWarranty : 2 Years

Download Data Sheet


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This item: BVS1000I-GR Schneider Electric EASY UPS BV1000VA, Schuko Outlet, 230V

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Colour Black Height 9.25 cm Width 16.05 cm Depth 30.5 cm Net weight 3.9 kg

Schneider BVS1000I-GR

1000VA/600W 230V Ups

Schneider Electric Easy UPS 1 Ph BVS Series:

Schneider Electric has launched the Easy UPS 1 Ph BVS Series, a new line of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) specifically designed to meet the essential power protection requirements of home and small office customers. This series offers versatile and reliable UPS solutions to effectively manage unstable power conditions.

The Easy UPS 1 Ph BVS Series by Schneider Electric is a versatile uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that has been specifically designed to effectively manage fluctuating power conditions. This series not only handles unstable power situations but also ensures the high-quality performance that millions of people worldwide trust and rely on.

Schneider BVS1000I-GR

Flexible design for both high and low powered devices:

The Easy UPS 1 Ph BVS Series from Schneider Electric is capable of providing power to a wide range of devices, including low-power devices like modems, routers, and VOIP systems, as well as high-power devices such as PCs and gaming consoles.

Maintain uninterrupted connectivity for extended durations, rather than just minutes:

With the Easy UPS 1 Ph BVS Series by Schneider Electric, you can power your home router and/or modem, ensuring that your internet connection remains active even after safely shutting down high-power devices like your PC.

Automatic Voltage Regulation, ensures stable and consistent voltage levels:

The Schneider BVS1000I-GR is designed to rectify voltage dips and surges, bringing them to safe levels. This feature is particularly crucial in areas with unreliable power supply. Additionally, the UPS efficiently corrects sustained voltage fluctuations, thereby conserving battery life without compromising on power backup.

Reliable surge protection:

The Easy UPS 1 Ph BVS Series from Schneider Electric provides robust protection for your valuable electronic devices, safeguarding them against potentially harmful incidents such as lightning, surges, and spikes.

Wall mounting sockets:

The Easy UPS 1 Ph BVS Series by Schneider Electric features keyhole sockets, allowing for convenient mounting options in various locations such as structured wiring closets, behind desks, basements, and garages.

Rest assured with a two-year warranty that included the battery


1000VA / 600W Ups

230V Input Voltages

230V Output Voltages

5 – 10 Years Battery Life

2 Year warranty included battery








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