SRV6KRIRKAPC Easy UPS On-Line SRV 6000VA RM 230V with Rail Kit

SRV6KRIRKAPC Easy UPS On-Line SRV 6000VA RM 230V with Rail Kit

Brand: APC

Power Capacity: 6000W

Input Voltage : 230V

Output Voltage: 230V

Warranty : 2 Years

Download Data Sheet

Brand: APC Power Capacity: 6000W Input Voltage : 230V Output Voltage: 230V Warranty : 2 Years

Download Data Sheet


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Colour Black (RAL 7010) Height 17.3 cm Width 43.8 cm Depth 71.0 cm Net weight 61 kg


6000VA / 6000W RM 230V Easy Online UPS

High quality, Double-conversion On-line UPS designed for essential power protection needs even in the most unstable power conditions.


The provided equipment is a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system designed to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted power supply for connected devices. It operates with a main input voltage of 230 V, while also supporting input voltages of 220 V and 240 V, allowing flexibility in different power environments.

The main output voltage of the UPS is 230 V, which is the standard voltage for most electrical devices. Additionally, it offers output voltages of 220 V and 240 V, providing compatibility with a wide range of equipment.

With a rated power of 6000 W (watts) and 6000 VA (volt-amperes), the UPS can effectively handle high-power devices, ensuring their smooth operation even during power fluctuations or outages. This makes it suitable for various applications, including data centers, server rooms, and critical electronic systems.

The UPS features a hard wire 3-wire (H N + E) 1 connector type, allowing easy and secure connection to compatible devices. The 4U rack unit design ensures convenient installation in standard rack cabinets, saving valuable space.

Included in the package are essential accessories such as a UPS signaling RS-232 cable, a CD containing software for monitoring and management purposes, rack mounting brackets and support rails for seamless integration into existing infrastructure, a user manual for guidance, and a USB cable for versatile connectivity options.

 this UPS system provides reliable power protection, flexibility in voltage input and output, high power handling capability, and comprehensive equipment to support proper installation and usage. It is a valuable solution for safeguarding critical equipment against power disruptions and ensuring continuous operation.

The UPS system is a black-colored unit with a compact design. It has a height of 17.3 cm, width of 43.8 cm, and depth of 71.0 cm, making it suitable for rack-mounted installations. The net weight of the UPS is 61 kg.

The UPS features a front-mounted, horizontal mounting position, and it is compatible with USB connectivity. It operates within input voltage limits of 110 V to 300 V at half load and 176 V to 300 V at full load. The UPS has a single hard-wired input connector (1P + N + E) and supports auto-sensing of network frequency in the range of 40 Hz to 70 Hz.

On the output side, the UPS provides a maximum configurable power of 6000 VA and 6000 W, with a sinusoidal output waveform and an output frequency of 50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz synchronized to the mains. It operates as a double conversion online UPS, offering high-quality power protection with an efficiency of 94% at full load. The UPS can be configured for nominal output voltages of 220 V, 230 V, or 240 V. It also includes an internal bypass feature (automatic and manual) for added reliability.

In terms of conformance, the UPS is certified with CE, EAC, and TISI standards, complying with EN/IEC 62040-1 and EN/IEC 62040-2 requirements.

The UPS operates within an ambient air temperature range of 0°C to 40°C, with a relative humidity range of 0% to 95%. It can be used at altitudes up to 3000 m and has a storage temperature range of -15°C to 60°C. The UPS has an IP20 degree of protection and generates an acoustic level of 55 dBA. It dissipates heat at a rate of 1172 Btu/h.

The UPS utilizes lead-acid batteries with a voltage of 192 V. The battery recharge time is approximately 7 hours, and the battery life expectancy is between 3 to 5 years. The UPS has surge protection capabilities with a surge energy rating of 600 J.

The UPS is equipped with a multifunction LCD status and control console for monitoring and management. It provides alarms for various conditions, including being on battery, low battery, and overload. An emergency power off feature is available, and there is a free slot for additional expansion.

The UPS package weighs 71 kg and comes in dimensions of 123.19 cm (height) x 60 cm (width) x 83.6 cm (length).

 this UPS system offers reliable power protection, configurable output voltages, efficient operation, various monitoring and management features, and conforms to international standards for safety and performance. It is suitable for use in a wide range of environments and applications.








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